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when I was younger I was so happy & excited when I talked about sex & thought it was the most wild thing but as I grew up, more & more people would shame the talk of sex so I learned to keep a lot of stuff to myself.. which I think is disgusting, why shame something that’s so normal & make it so taboo?

Because not everyone thinks the same and when it comes to sex it’s too easy for people to take it too far.

This is how people work. Our greatest gift is also our downfall. The fact that people are so different allows for creativity, ideas, and advancement. But it also brings hate, perversion, and destruction to ourselves and others.

So we, as a society, have to treat certain things with discretion because every single person will act differently to everything. In some cases the negative outweighs the privilege of being open about some subjects, for example.

It sucks that people are this way but it’s the way nature created us. With free will comes exactly that, free will. Whether it’s good or bad, any person will be capable of exercising that free will governed only by the laws of nature. It is our job as people to decide what is best to give every person a chance at a safe and healthy life.

Sometimes that means limiting what is socially acceptable to be freely open about simply for ones safety from the people that would do harm. Now, any person can be as open as they want to anyone but you need to be aware that whom ever you’re expressing yourself to may not have the reaction you would anticipate. That being said, many people will also agree/disagree with which reaction is acceptable also.

I could go on forever but this is my attempt at answering. Basically people suck and that’s life.

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So much shit is happening right now and all I want is to move away to another country and start over. I’m tired.

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See here’s the thing. When I was younger, around jr high. I wanted to be good at drawing but I sucked. Like I sucked really bad. I remember my art teacher gave me an entire 6-7 months to do a drawing of a dragon while other kids did all these other awesome drawings that looked great. Even after the 7 months my dragon kinda sucked and that was basically my level of skill for a long time.

So I drew shit and I did it a lot. I’d draw everyday, all the way through jr high and into high school.

Around the time high school started I was getting better. People started to notice it too. When sophomore year was ending people started to see how good I was becoming and people would actually steal my art to keep for themselves. (Which still makes me sad today) But I kept drawing anyways and by the end of high school I was known as one of the best artists in the school (a 5A school with a graduating class of about 300 and the next class having close to 500) so it wasn’t a small school.

And now 11 years later I’m 1 quarter away from my bachelors in Media Arts and Animation. So if you ever wish you had the “talent” to draw or sing or play a sport I can tell you that it isn’t about talent, it’s about motivation and dedication to become better. If you can pick up a pencil and easily write your name you can become a great artist.

That goes with everything. If you really want something, there’s nothing to stop you except you.

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